“The severely traumatized Ukrainians we serve, were present in the streets of Kyiv fighting armed police. The intensified effort to overthrow the Yanukovich regime lasted for four months, resulting in #Ukrainians killed, #kidnapped and never found, and tens of thousands of Ukrainians exposed directly and indirectly to violence and torture. Many Ukrainians (1.4 million) living in the East, were also displaced from their villages, towns, and cities as a result of rocket shillings and other forms of violence. As the Russian incursion into Crimea began on February 20, 2014, the day was called "Bloody Thursday" because it resulted in of the highest number of killings on the Maidan*.

In all, we are talking about a large percentage of the Ukrainian population being traumatized.

Our job is to help them recover and live their lives with dignity and without crippling traumatic stress.

Citizens, volunteers, soldiers, and veterans require psychological help. As you have witnessed and understood in America, men, women, and children rarely, if ever, recover from chronic PTSD without professional treatment and support.

by Marta Pyvovarenko